8.0.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 24.02.2014 @ 18:29:50)

AdminCmd – 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT (Not Yet Released) [ View Issues ]
– 0000518[New feature] Add /up and /down commands (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 0000516[Bug] DeathMessage (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 0000509[Enhancement] Add a getAllWarps() Method to get all existing warps. (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 0000506[Bug] Use faster newer MakeYourOwnCommands API (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 000056[Bug] NPE when Vault is installed, but no permission plugin. (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 0000500[Enhancement] Add support for MakeYourOwnCommands in the unknown command feature. (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 0000493[Enhancement] Remove /lwp and list all warps on /warp when no argument was given. (JeterLP) – resolved.

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