Add-On: CreativePlus 1.2-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 07.04.2012 @ 01:56:27)

New inDev version of CreativePlus available: Download and info here on the wiki


  • [BUG FIX] Fixed item-duplication issues with seperate inventories
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added protection so that creative players can not attack mobs or survival players. 2 new copnfig options to en-/disable them. Permission:
    • creativeplus.damage.mob
    • creativeplus.damage.player
  • [NEW FEATURE] Protection of blocks, needs BinaryFileDB.jar as a FlatFile database. Will post later on how to get it and how it will work. THIS is a HIGHLY experimental feature i havent tested a lot! Feature is automatically deactivated if BinaryFileDB could not be found And is not activated by default in the config!

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