What feature do you want ?

Hi guys,

I have a question for you, what could be a MAJOR feature that you really want backed into AdminCmd ?
A feature that could make me change the version to 6.0 🙂

By the way, new dev version out : 5.13-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 23.05.2012 @ 14:51:53)

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  1. I have some idea.

    It would be nice, to make some changes to ban-system.
    For offline servers, when admin type /ban, it will ban only nickname => make another command to ban nick with IP adress. (for example: /ipban NICKNAME)
    Second feature: Make option to use MYSQL ban-list. After that, servers can use web banlists

    1. 1) In the 5.13 I added a possibility to ban ip using the /ban command, but yeah you have to do /ip first to get the ip of the player.
      2) Will not do that, I don’t want to rely on other system, neither create mine (to complicated to admin like you can see with MCBans and other system like that)

  2. I have some idea too

    Pls, can you add a ban-log and a number of bans and tempbans.
    Second idea: the option MySQL for the palyerfiles.

    1. 1) ban-log ? why not. For the number of ban, I’ll change the banList command to display that
      2) Yeah … already tried that, quite delicate to let it be “upgradable”. But that’s definitely what can make me change the version of AdminCmd

  3. It would be cool if you could see what items they have inside there inventory.
    I know some mods already do this but I think it would be a great idea inside of this.
    Also commands to make either
    – A basic house
    – Flats
    – Modern
    ect… but it will take such amount of cobble, wood or bricks out of your inventory.

    Thank-You in advanced if you add any of these into AdminCmd

    1. 1) PlayerInv : I was planning to add that, still have to look on the inner mechanisms of Minecraft to do it corretly
      2) Mmmh not the purpose of the plugin, and a lot of bug that could happen.

  4. Not really a major feature but, it would be really nice to have the possibility to use clickable link in the chat (with perm of course ^^)

    1. And go a little further by making the signs editable (right-clic the sign to edit with a sign in hand will open the sign edition window, like SimpleSignEdit, of course with LWC support ^^)

    2. Coloured Sign already exists, just active it in the configuration file and use the AND (&) to add colour.
      Can you be more explicit for Special signs ?

    1. a lot part of the old code have already been rewritten, only the alias functionality is still the same since I implemented it.
      But I don’t think it’s quite used.

      And about fix, if you look a the Dev version you’ll see how many fixes have been done on the 5.13

    1. reason for this is that there are too few plugins that are made for Tekkit or even has some kind of side feature for it. Dynmap, for example, is currently working on and releasing stuff that adds the different blocks from Tekkit.

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