New Release : 6.0 (BUILD 31.05.2012 @ 18:02:05)

Version 6.0

New Features

  1. [FEATURE] /tpd command. You can use it like this:
    1. /tpd : This will list all worlds you can teleport to if you have the permission
    2. /tpd <worldname> : Teleport into the given world. You will be teleported to the spawn (
    3. /tpd -P <playername> <worldname> : Same as above just it will teleport the given player (
  2. [FEATURE] Added the possibility to ban IP also with the ban command. No new command, just type your IP like : /ban XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX where XXX must be between 0-255. See Issue #63
  3. [FEATURE] Added a Search command to look for player by IP. See Issue #24
  4. [FEATURE] Added a command to remove all (super) powers from a player. /withdraw < -P player>, permission: admincmd.player.withdraw. To use on another player you need to have the withdraw.other node.
    Aliases: wtd, rmp See Issue Issue #64
  5. [FEATURE] Added a Tpall command to teleport all players on the server to a location. See Issue #24
    1. /tpall <worldname> -s : Teleport all players to the given world’s spawn
    2. /tpall <worldname> -w <warpname> : Teleport all players to the specified warp
    3. /tpall <worldname> -l <x y z> : Teleport all players to a location with coordinates
    4. /tpall <worldname> -p <playername> : Teleport all players to another player
  6. [FEATURE] Added a Banlist command to list every ban. See Issue #24
  7. [FEATURE] Added a light browser that will crawl every 45-120min a page on the wiki to support the plugin and gave some statistics.
    1. It will be downloaded automatically from the server, nothing to do.
  8. [FEATURE] All files of AdminCmd are now in UTF-8. Old files will be automatically converted when used. See Issue #110
  9. [FEATURE] Added a Mutelist command to list every ban. See Issue #111
  10. [FEATURE] Added new node : admincmd.spec.noloss to avoid losing inventory upon death (need the command nodrop to NOT be disabled). See Issue #109
  11. [FEATURE] Added new command : /unmuteall See Issue #117
  12. [FEATURE] Added new command : /rtxt to reload news.txt,motd.txt, etc … all text files. See Issue #120
  13. [MAJOR FEATURE] Possibility to open inventory of every players with the command /openinv (or /oi) See Issue #122
  14. [FEATURE] Automatically display help for the command when the arguments are not correct.
  15. [FEATURE] Added the possibility to edit Sign without deleting them (quite buggy for now because of a Bukkit Change). New node : admincmd.spec.signedit See Issue #123
  16. [FEATURE] Added logging of players using the same IP to the console, see Issue #79. If a player has the permission admincmd.spec.ipbroadcast he will get a notification in-game. The feature can be turned off in the config.
  17. [FEATURE] BanList and MuteList are now paged. See Issue #127
  18. [FEATURE] Possibility to set parameters for Commands Alias. See Issue #68 – New commands.yml :
  gg: ''     
  gd: ''   
  ofly: -o   
  grenade: -E ExplosionEgg

Bug Fixes

  1. [BUG FIX] Whois on offline player throwing NPE.
  2. [MAJOR BUG FIX] When using the killeregg against a player, the client and the server don’t crash anymore.
  3. [BUG FIX] No more exception when doing /i 350:
  4. [BUG FIX] Adjusted to new Heroes API in Heroes v1.4.7
  5. [BUG FIX] Fixed ClassCastException in ACEntityListener, see Ticket Issue #49
  6. [BUG FIX] Correct some minor NPE. See Issue #66
  7. [BUG FIX] The Temp Ban are now correctly loaded from the banned.yml and the player are unbanned when they should be. See Issue #69
  8. [BUG FIX] Fixed names not beeing autocompleted in Ban, Mute and Unmute command, see Issue #78
  9. [BUG FIX] No more disabling command from other plugins when conflict detected and an AdminCmd command is disabled See Issue #104
  10. [BUG FIX] ImmunityLvl and PermissionsEx corrected see this page for more information Permission Plugin Tutorial
  11. [BUG FIX] Corrected bug with /time pause and the redstone, AdminCmd no longer break any redstone circuit.
  12. [BUG FIX] Not need anymore to use //n to make new line in motd/news/etc …
    1. If you edit the file manually (news.txt, etc …) no need to do anything to make new lines, do it as always but pushing Enter key
    2. If you edit with the command /set you must use the \n to put new line.
      Example : This\nIs\na Test
    3. This
    4. is
    5. a Test
  13. [BUG FIX] Added missing locale for kill/food/heal commands.
  14. [MAJOR BUG FIX] Invisibility now WORKS COMPLETELY WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM, Thanks to the Bukkit API.
  15. [BUG FIX] Corrected the color display in /broadcast command. See Issue #89
  16. [BUG FIX] Corrected the Cardinal indication of the /loc command. See Issue #121

Recent Changes

  1. [ADD] Added Banned in the /whois command.
  2. [CHANGE] Player are now Sorted by group and by alphabetic order in the playerList command.
  3. [CHANGE] AdminCmd is now using the new FlyAPI of bukkit to enable flying upon using /fly the same way as if the player was in creative mode(Just the flying part;))
  4. [RECODE] Recoded the whole BlackList feature for items. Issue #42 & Issue #46
    1. You can now set blacklist item only by having the item in your hand. Just type : /abl -i and the item in your hand will be used. Same for removing from blacklist.
    2. You can blacklist specific items (like colored wools) by giving the id like : /abl -i wools:5. Same for remove from blacklist.
    3. [PERMISSION] The NO BLACKLIST PERMISSION HAS BEEN CHANGED to : admincmd.spec.noblacklist.
  5. [CHANGE] adding 2 new aliases for the search command : look,sh. See Issue #66
  6. [ADD] /spawn now accepts a world name as argument and teleports the player to the spawn of that world, see Issue #73
  7. [UPDATE] Updated the mChatSuite plugin to the last version, meaning AdminCmd will not work with mChatVersion version BEFORE 1.2.5-R3_21 See Issue #113
  8. [CHANGE] News only display ONCE to the player. It will be displayed again to the player if the message has been modified by the command /set -n or when reloaded by the command /rtxt See Issue #120 & Issue #119

API for developers

  1. [UPDATE] Updated block-list of Blocks which use Data to define them more accurate

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