6.0.2-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 10.06.2012 @ 18:18:01)

New Features

  1. [NEW FEATURE] Added an option in the config (turnPowersOff: true|false) to turn off all powers a player currently has when he leaves the server. See Issue #163

Bug Fixes

  1. [MAJOR BUG FIX] Corrected the bugs with the processing commandArgs when using some empty string like ‘ ‘ at parameter. See Issue #158
    1. Example : msg b ‘test ‘ ‘test’ ‘sdsdsd’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘attatat atatat’
  2. [BUG FIX] Fixed NPE in the RemovePowerTask which occured if a player logged of and had a temp power which ran out as he was offline. See Issue #156

Recent Changes

  1. [TRANSLATION] Added translation in German of the Readme.txt (made by MrMysterious)

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