6.0.2-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 10.06.2012 @ 20:58:42)

[MAJOR BUG FIX] Correction of a miscalculation in chunk check before TP, this bug was leading to random chunk generation. See Issue #165

I recommend  everybody to update to that version. This bug is pretty annoying and need to be resolved as soon as possible IF you are using the TP command of AdminCmd else, it’s not mandatory.

3 Replies to “6.0.2-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 10.06.2012 @ 20:58:42)”

  1. Very glad you were able to fix this so quickly. Have tested it locally and it all seems to be working great now! About to go upload it to our main server. 😀

  2. There seems to be an issue with 6.0.2, the config file is overwritten in a /reload and all changes revert to defaults again. I moved back to the stable build and the problem went away.

  3. Any idea when a new dev snapshot with the bug fixes will be released? Also I can’t seem to activate my account on the website. Could you perhaps delete it?

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