7.2.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 17.01.2013 @ 14:48:35)

AdminCmd – 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT (Not Yet Released) [ View Issues ]
– 0000342[New Feature] /give or /i for dyed leather armor and enchanted items (Antoine Aflalo) – resolved.
– 0000351[Enhancement] Rework enchant command to give more than on enchant at a time (Antoine Aflalo) – resolved.
– 0000350[Enhancement] Adding color support to kit (Antoine Aflalo) – resolved.
– 0000349[Bug] Java fail (Antoine Aflalo) – resolved.
– 0000348[New Feature] playertime command (Antoine Aflalo) – resolved.
– 0000347[Enhancement] Optimize SQL Wrapper (Antoine Aflalo) – resolved.
– 0000293[Enhancement] Auto-Mysqlreconnect (Balor) – resolved.

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2 Replies to “7.2.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 17.01.2013 @ 14:48:35)”

    1. I edited the inGame help for the command and also added the new options in the Wiki 🙂

      Don’t hesitate to give feedback if anything is not as expected.

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