7.3.0 (BUILD 02.03.2013 @ 19:30:43)

AdminCmd – 7.3.0 (Released 2013-03-02) [ View Issues ]
– 0000361[New Feature] Adding kits ingame f.ex /addkit [NAME] (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000382[Bug] Urgent: After some restarts, /home will take everyone to the nether instead of world. (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000374[Bug] Weather commands do not work (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000372[Enhancement] /mobkill without parameters kills everything (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000360[New Feature] Walkspeed, back, send a chat msg for a other player, events (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000364[New Feature] send a chat msg/command for a other player (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000363[Enhancement] back on other player (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000365[Enhancement] Make the AFK throwing event for other plugins (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000362[New Feature] Walkspeed (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000373[Bug] kickall crash (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000377[Bug] Unable to use /home or /back (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000368[Enhancement] Add variable %world, %x, %y and %z (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000358[Bug] does not work /tp (Balor) – resolved.

[13 issues]

I’m really happy to release this version with a MAJOR new feature, the possibility to create dynamically a KIT using your own inventory.

Explanation on the wiki

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