7.3.5 (BUILD 06.04.2013 @ 18:26:29)

AdminCmd – 7.3.5 (Released 2013-04-06) [ View Issues ]
– 0000410[Bug] /tp or /tploc or /twp Command not working with CommandBlocks (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000413[Bug] /sethome . (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000407[Bug] PerPlayerTime and world time freezing acting strange (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000408[Bug] /addblacklist -i (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000400[Bug] Crazy Time Stuff (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000380[Bug] /openinv bug (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000387[Bug] admincmd.spec.ipbroadcast permissions dont work (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000406[Bug] Incompatibilities in some feature with other mod of server than CraftBukkit (MPC+ by example) (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000405[Bug] OpenInv don’t work anymore with 1.5.1 (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000402[Bug] A lot of bukkit events not being passed to AdminCMD (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000399[Bug] Critical bug + server crash (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000397[Bug] Whenever a player joins, sometimes it makes a HUGE lagspike and sends an error to the console. (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000396[Bug] Error from Prism caused by AdminCmd on PlayerDeathEvent (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000388[Bug] /mobkill all does not kill villagers or golems (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000395[Enhancement] Make the default radius of mobkill configurable (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000394[Bug] 3-03-17 15:26:54 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PlayerMoveEvent to AdminCmd v7.3.1 (BUILD 10.03.2013 @ 18:28:28) org.bukkit.event (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000401[Bug] Users losing some homes when updating to 1.5.1 (Balor) – closed.

[17 issues]


It’s a bug fix version, no real new feature, but a lot of optimization AND total support for Spigot.

If people with MPC+ could try it, that would be great.

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