Looking for Help on the Plugin

Hi Everybody,

It’s clear that the plugin need some bugfix and some fix for 1.6. I really need help now, since I can’t work fulltime on it as I’ve done in the past. Lathanael also had other project and life change that reduced his contribution to the project.

AdminCmd is not dead, and I’m looking for a Java developer to help me with it, the source code is available in github : https://github.com/Belphemur/AdminCmd.

I also put the full documentation of the plugin here : http://doxy.admincmd.com and a tutorial on how to import the project in eclipse here : http://wiki.admincmd.com/doku.php/tools/eclipse

You can contact me using the contact form : https://www.admincmd.com/contact/

I’m of course ready to help to install/configure/build the plugin and you can be sure with the help of another dev, the plugin will be back. I’m also ready to teach to people really motivated and that have a little bit of knowledge in programming.

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