7.4.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 04.08.2013 @ 15:54:24)

AdminCmd – 7.4-SNAPSHOT (Not Yet Released) [ View Issues ]
– 0000438[Bug] Vault and Group Feature (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000419[Bug] Dieing in nether, respawning there (Javacow) – resolved.
– 0000435[Bug] [SEVERE] Could not pass event PluginEnableEvent (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000431[Bug] Heal command resets to 20 health (10 hearts) with health boost effect (Javacow) – resolved.
– 0000418[Bug] /oi will not work (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000423[Bug] German Translation doesnt work (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000432[Enhancement] Add support of Vault (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000434[Enhancement] Add Russian Language (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000421[Bug] When I do /oi it tells me to tell you this Stack Trace (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000416[Bug] Error of AntiCheat, when i try to openinv someones inventory (Balor) – resolved.

[10 issues]

Should resolve all the Issue with the new Vault Implementation.

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