8.0.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 24.10.2013 @ 19:31:05)

AdminCmd – 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT (Not Yet Released) [ View Issues ]
– 0000496[Bug] AdminCmd deadlock (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000498[Enhancement] Rewrite how the MySQL connection is managed (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000497[Bug] World data keep getting re-read even when the world should be in memory (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000445[Enhancement] Make issued server command: for msg\reply not show up in the logs? (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000492[New Feature] Possibility to disable logging for command block (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000488[New Feature] Add a way to change the unknown command message. (JeterLP) – resolved.
– 0000487[Enhancement] Cancel the Teleport Request using “no” or “cancel” (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000490[Bug] NPE When doing TPT cancel or no and there is no teleport request (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000476[New Feature] Hiding plugins in /plugins (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000486[Bug] Editing Sign with a right click (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000398[Bug] DeahtMessages acting weird (jkmalan) – resolved.
– 0000464[Enhancement] /invisible removes player from tablist (Balor) – resolved.
– 0000480[Bug] Conflict between Metrics version of other plugin (Balor) – resolved.

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I rewrited how the plugin is connecting to a MySQL database, no more possible deadlock or lost of connection. It should be the most stable !

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