Hello people.


We have decided to remake AdminCMD for the upcoming API Sponge.

Since Spong will be based on the Forge mod, we needed some People who are good at coding with the Forge API, and people who are good at coding with the Bukkit API.


Good for us that I am in this little development company named RedThirdDivision. They are all joining us to help.

Also JKMalan is willing to help and support the development on AdminCMD.


Until the Sponge API is on a usable level, the rebirth of AdminCMD will start.

This means, that the development on the Bukkit version on AdminCMD will be stopped from now.

The reasons for that are simply: Bukkit has stopped it’s development so there is no reason to keep the development of Bukkit plugins up.

That is also the reason for us to switch to Sponge, so you all can still use AdminCMD in further Minecraft versions.


Thanks for all your support!

13 Replies to “AdminCMD REBIRTH”

    1. Tested build from “Downloads” –> AdminCmd Dev 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 24.02.2014 @ 18:29:50)

      I will prefer AdminCMD when I update my server to 1.8 and so far this build is running fine on my local test server using Spigot 1.8 (BuildTool downloaded at 2015-01-07).

      I suggest trying it out and if there is a error that urgently needs to be fixed, ask AdminCMD devs really very nicely if they can help you out. Don’t forget to give them a hug for developing this awesome plugin 😀

    1. Currently, AdminCmd still works (although with some bugs) on Spigot 1.8. We are currently looking for the time to rewrite the plugin for Bukkit and the new SpongeAPI.

  1. By now it probably is dead, right? Ahhh… what a shame, i really dont like Essentials… hmu if there is anything new… it kinda works with 1.14.3 but only with commands like /admincmd:gm

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