The plugin has been first released in March 2011 as a simple Fork. Little by little it gain a lot of success that in July 2011 I decided to recode the plugin to make it more adaptable and make the add of command easier.

Lathanael joined the team a little after the release of the 5.0 (in July). With his help, the plugin improved and we begin to add new interesting features and work on resolving the bugs.

The 26 of Augustus 2011 we added the plugin to http://dev.bukkit.org (DBO) and for some month we use their issue systems to check for bug, feature. It was our link with the Server Admin that uses the plugin.

In February 2012 we had enough of DBO and I decided to by a domaine name and host all the tool we need, like the wiki, the bugtracker and the website your on now.