CreativePlus is an Add-on to AdminCmd. It provides enhancements to the 1.8.1 Creative mode. AdminCmd is NEEDED for this Add-on to work correctly.


  • Prevent Players from dropping items while being in creative mode
  • Blacklist Blocks/Items which should not be instantly destroyed
  • Blacklist Blocks/Items which players are not allowed to place
  • Prevent Players from picking up items while they are in creative mode
  • Stop players in creative mode from dropping items on death
  • Stop usage of buckets in creative mode
  • Seperate inventories for both modes!
  • Prevent usage of storage items such as chests and dispensers


Many of the permissions only work, if the corresponding functions is activated in the config.

creativeplus.dropitemsIf the player has this node he can always drop blocks/items
creativeplus.breakblIf a player has this node he can break blocks/items even if they are blacklisted
creativeplus.placeblIf a player has this node he can place blocks/items even if they are blacklisted a player has this permission, he will be allowed to use storage items such as chests and dispensers
creativeplus.sharedinvIf a player has this permission, he will have the same inventory for both modes
creativeplus.deathdropIf a player has this node, he will drop items out of his inventory if he was in creative mode
creativeplus.pickitemsIf a player has this node, he can not pickup items laying on the ground!
creativeplus.usebucketIf a player has this permission he is allowed to use buckets in creative mode

Combined permission node:


#Block/Items Players can not place
- 7
- 8
- 9
- 10
- 11
#Blocks/Items which should not be destroyed instantly
- 7
- 54
- 63
- 64
- 68
- 69
- 71
- 77
- 93
- 94
- 96
#Are Players allowed to drop items or not?
PlayersCanDropItems: false
#For which worlds should CreativePlus be enabled?
- Creative2
- Creative2
#Should there be seperate inventories?
SeperateInventories: true
#Allows players to use buckets in creative mode.
PlayersCanUseBuckets: false

Known Issues:

Currently if a block is blacklisted to not be breakable you can not destroy the block while being in creative mode. If you switch to Survival and the block is normally breakable (all but Bedrock) you can destroy it. This is because upon hitting a block in creative mode it is instantly broken and not damaged!


  • Find a solution for the issue!

Download & Source:

Download 1.2 (BUILD 07.08.2013 @ 17:31:51) (wget friendly) NEEDS AdminCmd 7.4.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 07.08.2013 @ 02:07:57)



DEV Changelog:

  • [NEW FEATURE] Added protection so that creative players can not attack mobs or survival players. 2 new copnfig options to en-/disable them. Permission:
    • creativeplus.damage.mob
    • creativeplus.damage.player
  • [NEW FEATURE] Protection of blocks, needs BinaryFileDB.jar as a FlatFile database. Will post later on how to get it and how it will work. THIS is a HIGHLY experimental feature i havent tested a lot! Feature is automatically deactivated if BinaryFileDB could not be found And is not activated by default in the config!


  • Version 1.2:
    • [BUGFIX] Fixed item-duplication issues with seperate inventories
    • [UPDATE] Updated plugin to MC 1.6.2 and AdminCmd 7.4.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Version 1.1:
    • Adjusted to the new configuration file setup in AdminCmd 5.10.0!
    • Adjusted to the new Bukkit Event-System
    • Added possibility to disallow usage of most if not all storage items while in Creative-mode. By default no-one will be able to use those. If you have the Permission, you are allowed to use storage items (chests etc.) while beeing in CreativeMode
    • Added seperate inventories, can be disabled in the config file and a player can have the permission creativeplus.sharedinv to still have his survival inventory while beeing in creative mode and vice-versa.
    • Changed permissions: just remove the admincmd. in front of each permission
    • Added possibility to disallow players in creative mode from picking up items or dropping them on death. Permissions: creativeplus.pickitems and creativeplus.deathdrop. Both have entries in the configuration file.
    • Removed spammy pick-up message for now, addresses Ticket Issue #20
  • Version 1.0:
    • Initial release
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