FunCommands is an Add-on to AdminCmd. It provides the user with humiliation/fun commands to anoy other players or be a mean admin! AdminCmd is NEEDED for this Add-on to work correctly.

It inherits any immunity level from AdminCmd so anyone with lvl 1 can't execute any command on someone with lvl 2 or higher. It also inherits the permissions handling!


  • Change of Nickname (Displayname)
  • Slap a player
  • Shoot a player into the air
  • Drop him into the void
  • Entomb him with any material you like!
  • Kill them if they uses special words or phrases!
  • Wound them to an inch of their life
  • Sacrifice them by no means, burn them to death or carnage them with arrows
  • Use an egg to drop any living beeing ino the void


All parameter in itallic are optional.

Command Flags Param Description Alias
/rocket -h player Shoots a player into the air, he'll get some damage upon landing. With -h he will be shot REALLY high into the air and die upon landing.
/slap -h |-v player Slaps the player, he will just be moved back a little bit. -h Moves him back further and a little bit into the air. -v Moves the Player far back and higher into the air, he will get some damage upon landing.
/attaint -c player name Change the DisplayName (used in Chat) of the Player. -c Checks the DisplayName of the provided Player /nick
/entomb -u player material Entomb the player with a cube of SpiderWeb(default) or a material you specify. -u player removes the entombment.
/void player Drop a player into the void through a hole created under his feet, The hole will be closed after a short while. The player will loose his inventory!
/wound -P player This will hurt a player to an inch of is life!
/sacrifice -P player This will kill the player by no special means. He'll drop just dead.
/barrage fire -P player This will burn a player to death. Water will not stop it!
/barrage arrow -P player This will shoot a player to death with MANY arrows!


Command Permission Node
/rocket fun.rocket
/rocket player fun.rocket.other
/slap fun.slap
/slap player fun.slap.other
/attaint fun.attaint
/attaint player fun.attaint.other
/attaint -c fun.attaint.check
/entomb fun.entomb
/entomb player fun.entomb.other
/void fun.void
/sacrifice fun.sacrifice
/sacrifice -P player fun.sacrifice.other
/wound fun.wound
/wound -P player fun.wound.other
/barrage fire
/barrage arrow fun.barrage.arrow
/barrage fire -P player
/barrage arrow -P player fun.barrage.arrow.other
/barrage fun.barrage.&Issue #42;

Permission Node for all commands:
fun.&Issue #42;


All values above 10 will be re-set to 10!

#Adjust how high /rocket shoots a player Rocket:     #How high with flag -h     flagPower: 5
    #How high normally     normalPower: 1.5
#Adjust how high and how far /slap moves a player Slap:     #How high with flag -h     hHeight: 0.5
    #How far with flag -h     hPower: 2
    #How high with flag -v     vHeight: 1
    #How far with flag -v     vPower: 3
    #How high normally     normalHeight: 0
    #How far normally     normalPower: 1.1
#Should DisplayNames changed with /nick or /attaint be persistent? PersistentNames: false
# If set to true, the chat will we searched for the strings defined
# in the ChatSenorStrings.txt. If one is found, the player using it
# will be killed ChatCensor: false

The ChaCensorStrings.txt will only be created if the option is set to ture. It will be read by line, so if you want to search for one word only. put only hat word in the line.

Download (wget friendly) & Source:

Download 1.7 (BUILD 07.08.2013 @ 17:39:44) NEEDS AdminCmd 7.4.0-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 07.08.2013 @ 02:07:57) or newer!



DEV Changelog:

Known Issues:

- Barrage not totally working as intented


  • Version 1.7:
    • Updated to MC 1.6.2 and AdminCmd 7.4.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Version 1.6.1:
    • Fixed Packet issues. Now /attaint changes the player shell again :)
    • Fixed another displayName error while persitant names where off
  • Version 1.6:
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.4.7
    • Fixed attaint command. It sometimes did not reset the player name properly
    • Fix /barrage command not correctly shooting players
    • Temporarily removed the creation of a new player shell upon issueing /attaint due to bugs. This change will make /attaint only change the tablist- and displayname, not the player skin or over-head name
  • Version 1.5:
    • Adjusted to the new bukkit Event-System
    • Changed permissions: just remove the admincmd. in front of each permission
    • Added option to listen to the chat and kill player if the write predefined words
    • Added /wound < -P player> command: fun.wound and fun.wound.other. You wound a player so he has only half a heart left!
    • Added /sacrifice < -P player> command: fun.sacrifice and fun.sacrifice.other. You kill a player by no special means
    • Added /barrage < -P player> command: fun.barrage, fun.barrage.other, fun.barrage.arrow,, fun.barrage.&Issue #42;. This either sets a player on fire until he dies or shoots him to death with arrows, you need the arrow/fire AND other permission to execute it on some else than yourself.
    • Added VoidEgg. /egg -E void. Same as the command void but without a player target. It does open a hole where the egg landed and closes it after some time!
  • Version 1.4:
    • /attaint now alters the name on the Playerlist(The one opened with TAB) too
    • fix for Ticket 157
    • NPE Fix in PlayerListener
    • /attaint now creates a new player shell, this fixes the overhead name problem
  • Version 1.3.1:
    • [BUG FIX] Cast error on Player_join if persistent names was enabled.
  • Version 1.3:
    • Adjusted to new AdminCmd namespace (v5.9.2)
    • Option to make DisplayNames persistent on reloads/server restarts
  • Version 1.2.2:
    • [BUG FIX] /void: should work as intended now
  • Version 1.2.1:
    • [BUG FIX] /attaint: Permissions should be registered correctly now.
  • Version 1.2:
    • [BUG FIX] /attaint should work now and has a failsafe if a DisplayName is entered as the player param
    • [CHANGE] Every command now has its corresponding perm node to be executed on other players:<command>.other
  • Version 1.1:
    • [BUG FIX] Corrected /rocket only shooting up the command sender
  • Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release

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