Item Commands

Parameters set in italic are optional.

Command Flags Params Explanation Alias(es)
/i -c color id:data amount player enchantmentsTo give an item to a player or yourself/item
/drop id:data amount playerTo drop an item nearby the player or yourself/d

Drop and Give(/i) command parameter explanation:

Param Optional Explanation
idNoThe material ID, alias or name
:dataYesThe data value assigned to the block, if any. Needed for e.g.: wools
amountYesThe amount you want to get/drop, default is 1
playerYesThe player who should get the item, defaults to command sender
enchantmentsYesThe enchantments you want to put on the item. e.g.: dur:5 oxy:2 for durability lvl 5 and oxygen lvl 2
-c colorYes In case of leather (maybe more later) armor you can choose the color of it. If you put a color that don't exist the plugin will list all the possible colors

Correct examples:

/i stone 64

/drop 35:3 15 Lathanael - This would drop 15 coloured wool to Lathanael

/i dhelmet 1 Belphemur dur:5 oxy:4

/i leather_boots 1 Belphemur -c blue

Further commands:

NB!: If no explanation of the param is given, look them up in the table above.

Command Flags Params Explanation Alias(es)
/addblacklist-i, -bidAdds an (i)tem/(b)lock to the blacklist/abl
/rmblacklist-i, -bidRemoves an (i)tem/(b)lock from the blacklist/rbl
/more amountAdds the given amount to yout currently held item, or if none given restocks it to 64
/moreall Sets the amount of all items in your inventory to the max
/repairall playerRepairs all items in the players or your inventory/repa
/color colornameChanges the color of the current item in hand (only for wool, dye, etc …). Use '/color ?' to see available colours./c
/alias alias idAdds an alias for an item/aa
/rmalias aliasRemoves the given alias/ra
/kit kit playerAdds the wanted kit to the players or your inventory. Kit names are defined in kits.yml in the plugin folder./k
/repair playerRepair the item that the player is holding/rep
/getid-P playernameget the id and the data of the item in hold/data
/enchantplayername enchantmentsEnchant the item in hand (if possible) with the wanted enchantment (just type the command without args to have the list of enchantments) with the wanted lvl.
If you type the command without any arguments, you'll have the list of possible enchantment. The enchantments are auto-completed and case-INsensitive.
Format : enchant:lvl. Example : dur:5
/dynkit -aKitName delay Create a new kit using the inventory of the player with the [kitName] and the wanted <delay>.
If -a is used, it'll create an Armored Kit (taking also the armor of the player).

Per Command Permissions:

Command Permission
/i playeradmincmd.item.add.other
/drop playeradmincmd.item.drop.other
/repairall playeradmincmd.item.repairall.other
/kit to all kitadmincmd.kit.*
/kit to a particular kit admincmd.kit.KIT_NAME
/help for Kit to be displayedadmincmd.item.kithelp
/getid -P
/enchant -P playeradmincmd.item.enchant.other
/dynkit when replacing another existing kitadmincmd.item.dynkit.replace

Permissions for all item commands


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