Mob Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

Command Flags Params Explanation Alias(es)
/mob mobName number(#) Spawn the given # of the given mob at your location, defaults to 1
/mob mobName:mountedMob number(#) Spawn the given # of the given mob mounted with another mob at your location, defaults to 1.
/mob mobName(:mounted) number distance player Spawns the mob at the location if the provided player. All optional parameters are needed if you want to spawn a mob at the location if another player!
/mobkill Type
-r range
Kill the wanted mob. Applicable types: <nowiki>all animals monsters mobname entityName (minecart,boat,etc &Issue Issue Issue #46;&Issue Issue Issue #46;)</nowiki>. The parameter -r range is used to set a range for the command. (Only kill mob/entities in that range) /mk
/moblimit -m MobName world
Set the mob spawn limit for the chosen world. If you have space in your World's name, tape the world's name between doubleQuote
Example : “Penda World”
(Enter none as a number to disable the limit).
Using the -m parameter can be used to limit the mob of a particular type.
/changems -m,-d,-g CreatureType or delay Gets the values of the MobSpawner you are looking at with -g. Sets the CreatureType with -m and the delay with -d. For possible Types take a look at the list below. /msc /cms
/egg -E egg_name Egg
Params (Eggs)
Spawn special eggs that have the ability to do things that you (The player) could only dream of. Now its real, and its yours. Find more info here: Eggs none

Per Command Permissions:

Command Permission
/mob admincmd.mob.spawn
/mob player admincmd.mob.spawn.other
/mobkill admincmd.mob.kill
/moblimit admincmd.mob.limit
/changems admincmd.mob.spawner

List of Mobs and thier names for the commands

All names are CASE SENSITIVE!!!

Mob Command Name
Pig Pig
Cow Cow
Chicken Chicken
Sheep Sheep
Mooshroom MushroomCow
Squid Squid
Wolf Wolf
Ocelot Ozelot
Snow Golem Snowman
Iron Golem VillagerGolem
Zombie Pigman PigZombie
Creeper Creeper
Enderman Enderman
Ghast Ghast
Spider Spider
Zombie Zombie
Skeleton Skeleton
Slime Slime
Silverfish Silverfish
Cave Spider CaveSpider
Giant Giant
Magma Cube LavaSlime
Ender Dragon EnderDragon

Permissions for all mob commands

admincmd.mob.&Issue #42;

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