Commands and Permissions


The Message of the Day and News are displayed when someone joins the server.
Parameters set in italic are optional.

Command Flag Param Description
/motd Shows the current MotD
/news Shows the current News
/rules Shows the current Rules
/set-n,-m,-r,-umessageEdits the r(ules), m(otd), n(ews) or (new) u(ser) motd

For message formatting see section below.


Command Permission Node
/set -madmincmd.server.set.motd
/set -radmincmd.server.set.rules
/set -uadmincmd.server.set.motd


You can set the MotD and news in the locale file or per command ingame. With both you have special variables available to use:

Variable Description
%playerThe name of the connected player
%nbNumber of currently online players. number =( connected players - invisible players)
%connectedList of the Names of currently connected players who are not invisible
%d%h%m%sDisplays the time the viewing user has spent on the server
//nThe newline character
&#Used for coloring your message, see Color Explanation for more information
%timeShows the current RealTime in the format specified in the Configuration
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