Server Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

Command Flag Params Explanation Alias(es)
/mem -a,-f,-m,-n,-x,-i, -c, -b, -v none List all worlds, the memory used, the maximum memory and number of chuncks and entities sorted by worlds. The flag -f frees server memory by killing all animals/npcs/monsters and removing all drops in every world.
-a only animals.
-m only mobs.
-n only NPC (Villager).
-x only xp ball on the ground.
-i only items on the ground.
-c only minecarts.
-b only boats.
-v vehicles(boats and carts).
(you can use a combination of the parameters like /mem -am will only kill mob and animal)
/extinguish range Extinguish the fire in the given range, default radius 20, max 50. /ex
/air BlockType range Replace the wanted block by air, default radius 10 /melt

Be careful with /extinguish and /air, the radius represents a cube and not a square!

Command Flag Params Explanation Alias(es)
/undo Undo the /air or /ex done before (retain every change made) /past
/areload Plugin reload the wanted plugin OR AdminCmd if none given. (Name is CaseSensitive!) /ar
/reloadall Reloads the server. /arall
/repeat Repeat the last command you issued with the same parameters. /rp
/uptime Shows the server uptime. /up
/aversion Plugin Displays the version of the wanted plugin OR AdminCmd if none given.(Again plugin name is CaseSensitive!) /av
/info powers Displays all possible option to list (fly,god, etc …), with option displays the content (for fly, all the user having fly mode, etc …). You can display more than one power at a time.
eg : /info fly god vulcan
/setspawn radius Set the spawn to where you are with the given radius /ss
/spawn Teleports you to the spawn point of your current world /ts
/help -s <cmdName>
-d <cmdName>
Plugin Page To get the help of the plugin (or other plugins)
More explanations : Help
/lockdown Lock the server, kick every connected user that doesn't have the perm admincmd.server.lockdown and disallow them to connect to the locked server /lock
/difficulty -s, -g world difficulty Sets(Flag s) or gets (Flag g) the difficulty of the given world or the if none provided the one the player is in. accepted difficulties: 0 - Peaceful, 1 - Easy, 2 - Normal, 3 - Hard. If a wrong difficulty is given it will be set to 1(Normal)! /dif
/stop -t sec none Stop the server after X sec (configurable in the configuration file or by the parameter -t).
1)lock the server
2)broadcast the stop message
3)kick every connected player
4)stop the server.
/ss /sstop
/broadcast message Sends a message to all players. Layout can be adjusted via locale. /bc
/rtxt Reload text file (motd.txt,news.txt,rules.txt, etc ..)/reloadtxt
/rmsp-nplayerRemove the power of an user if he don't have the permission for it anymore.
Use -n to not check the permission and remove all superpowers.

Per Command Permissions

Command Permission
/mem -ALL_FLAGS admincmd.server.memory.*
/mem -f admincmd.server.memory.full
/mem -m admincmd.server.memory.mob
/mem -n admincmd.server.memory.npc
/mem -x admincmd.server.memory.xp
/mem -a admincmd.server.memory.animal
/mem -i admincmd.server.memory.item
/mem -b admincmd.server.memory.boat
/mem -c admincmd.server.memory.cart
/mem -v admincmd.server.memory.vehicle
/extinguish admincmd.server.extinguish
/air admincmd.server.replace
/undo admincmd.server.replace
/areload admincmd.server.reload
/reloadall admincmd.server.reload
/repeat admincmd.server.repeat
/uptime admincmd.server.uptime
/aversion admincmd.server.version
/info admincmd.server.list
/setspawn admincmd.spawn.set
/lock admincmd.server.lock
/difficulty admincmd.server.difficulty
/stop admincmd.server.stop
/broadcast admincmd.server.broadcast
/rmsp playernameadmincmd.server.removesp.other

Permissions for all server commands


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