Weather Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

Command Params Explanation Alias(es)
/wclear Clears the weather./clearw
/wstormdurationMakes the weather stormy for the given amount of time, default is 10 minutes./storm
/raindurationLet it rain for the given amount of time, default is 10 minutes.
/wfreeze Freeze the weather to it's currente state, type again to unfreeze./wf

All of the above commands set the weather of the command senders world, but if executed from console in all worlds.

Command Params Explanation Alias(es)
/thorplayerNameYou gain the power of thor, when you click a block it's striked by the thunder. Type it again to disable the power./t
/strikeplayerNameMake the thunder fall on the player./light

Both power commands default to the command executor if no player is given!

Per Command Permissions:

Command Permission


Permissions for all weather commands*

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