Configuration File

#if true, display MOTD on join
MessageOfTheDay: true
#If true, display the news message on Join
DisplayNewsOnJoin : true
#If true, display the rules on Join
DisplayRulesOnJoin: true
#If true, display the rules ONLY ON FIRST JOIN 
#(override the above parameter DisplayRulesOnJoin)
DisplayRulesOnlyOnFirstJoin: false
#Default value for each power
DefaultVulcanPower: 4.0
DefaultFireBallPower: 1.0
DefaultFlyPower: 1.75
#Language of messages displayed in the plugin.
locale: en_US
#Disable every message of the plugin
noMessage: false
#Activate the autoAfk, meaning the player 
#will be set AFK after the given time
autoAfk: true
afkTimeInSecond: 60
#Activate the auto kick AFK people after the given time
autoKickAfkPlayer: false
afkKickInMinutes: 3
#After how many seconds the plugin will check 
#if the player didn't move for the AFK
#Also used to send update about the Invisible status.
statutCheckInSec: 20
#How many homes a user can have. 0 = Infinite, max = 150
maxHomeByUser: 0
#How many Items a user can spawn at once. 0 = Infinite, max = 150
maxItemAmount: 0
#Only useful when using bridge with SuperPerm,
#to avoid the use of the bridge.
forceOfficialBukkitPerm: false
#If true and if it's the first time that the player connect, 
#he will be spawn at the spawn point you set
firstConnectionToSpawnPoint: false
#Fly,God,vulcan, etc ... are power. 
#If true, these power are lost when tp to another world.
resetPowerWhenTpAnotherWorld: true
#Range check for update the invisible status.
invisibleRangeInBlock: 312
#Fake quit when you become invisible
fakeQuitWhenInvisible: true
#Activate the parachute when falling in fly mode
glideWhenFallingInFlyMode: true
#Tweak the parachute value.
    newYvelocity: -0.5
    YvelocityCheckToGlide: -0.2
    multiplicator: 0.1
#Activate the color sign, using & to select the color.
ColoredSign: true
#Disallow muted player to do private message
mutedPlayerCantPm: false
#Max Range in block for the tp at see.
maxRangeForTpAtSee: 312
#Mean, when you want to tp to a player or tp the player,
#he'll receive a request that he can ignore or accept.
#By setting this option to true, 
#the tp request will be activated by default.
tpRequestActivatedByDefault: true
#How much minute before a tp request become invalid.
tpRequestTimeOutInMinutes: 1
#Disable some "debug" message when launching the plugin
#(change it to true only if you have a good reason to do it.)
verboseLog: false
#Private message send with command /msg are logged in the server.log
logPrivateMessages: true
#Broadcast a message to every player when reloading the server.
broadcastServerReload: true
#For the help command
    #Number of help entry per page
    entryPerPage: 9
    #Shorten the help text
    shortenEntries: false
    #Check the word to do the new line
    useWordWrap: false
    wordWrapRight: false
    #If set to true, get the commands of every plugins installed
    #Else only from the folder HelpFiles where you set your help files
    getHelpForAllPlugins: true
#Item used for the SuperBreaker mode
superBreakerItem: 278
#Format info for %time in MotD, Rules and News
    #Date/Time format
    Format: dd/MM/yy - HH:mm:ss
    #TimeZone to be displayed, only Use GMT or UTC here
    GMToffset: GMT+00:00
#if you want to use the immunity level explained above
useImmunityLvl: false
#Level assigned by default for user.
defaultImmunityLvl: 0
#Use the DisplayName of the player when using the player name
useDisplayName: true
#To activate the debug log (debug.log file)
debug: false
#To change the global Respawn point
# Can be : globalSpawn, bed, home
globalRespawnSetting: globalSpawn
#Will be used in a later version
- default
- mod
- admin
#Setting this to true, will disable the auto-picking item when invisible
InvisAndNoPickup: false
#When using a Spawn/Home command, the plugin will check
#if the player didn't moved
checkTeleportLocation: false
#Delay before teleporting (Spawn/Home)
teleportDelay: 0
#To log all command in the console and server.log
logAllCmd: false
#To activate the change of the Join/Quit message (that can be configured in the locale file)
useJoinQuitMsg: true
# delayBeforeWriteUserFileInSec	:	Delay before writing the user file on the disk (in seconds) (Default : 120)
delayBeforeWriteUserFileInSec: 120
# timeOutScale	:	When using the parameter -t in power commands (god, fly, etc ...)
# Configure the scale used for the time (here 60 sec).
# It mean if you type /god -t 5 you will be god for 5 minutes (Default : 60)
timeOutScale: 60
# timeInSecBeforeStop	:	Time before stopping the server when using the AdminCmd command Stop. (Default : 0)
timeInSecBeforeStop: 0
# tpInDiffWorld	:	Allow users to teleport to other user that are in a different world.
# If FALSE the player that want to tp to another player that is in an another world will have to have the permission node :
# (where WORLDNAME is the name of the world where the space are replaced by underscore (_) ) (Default : true)
tpInDiffWorld: false
# armorKitOverride: When using an armored kit, if this options is set to true, 
# it will override what the player is wearing to replace it by the armor of the kit. (Default : true)
armorKitOverride: true
# usePSfix	:	Use the prefix and the suffix when displaying names (Default : true)
usePSfix: true
# egg.killer.defaultRadiusInBlock	:	When the Killer Egg is used, this radius will be used if no radius is set in the command. (Default : 15)
# egg.killer.maxRadiusInBlock	:	When the Killer Egg is used, this radius will be the max radius possible for the command. (Default : 30)
# egg.block.Timeout	:	How much time the new blocks stay (in sec) when using the BlockEgg. Put 0 for never change back. (Default : 5)
# egg.block.defaultRadiusInBlock	:	Default freeze radius when using the Block (Default : 8)
# egg.block.maxRadiusInBlock	:	Maximum radius for the BlockEgg (Default : 12)
# egg.freezer.Timeout	:	How much time the ice stay (in sec) when using the FreezerEgg. Put 0 for never change back. (Default : 5)
# egg.freezer.defaultRadiusInBlock	:	Default freeze radius when using the FreezerEgg (Default : 8)
# egg.freezer.maxRadiusInBlock	:	Maximum radius for the FreezergEgg (Default : 12)
# egg.explosion.defaultRadiusInBlock	:	Default freeze radius when using the ExplosionEgg (Default : 8)
# egg.explosion.maxRadiusInBlock	:	Maximum radius for the ExplosionEgg (Default : 12)
    defaultRadiusInBlock: 15
    maxRadiusInBlock: 30
    Timeout: 5
    defaultRadiusInBlock: 8
    maxRadiusInBlock: 12
    Timeout: 5
    defaultRadiusInBlock: 8
    maxRadiusInBlock: 12
    defaultRadiusInBlock: 8
    maxRadiusInBlock: 12
# importBannedPlayersTXT	:	If set to true, this will import any player which does not exist in the banned.yml, afterwards it will be set to false! (Default : false)
importBannedPlayersTXT: false
# supBlacklist	:	With this mode, the users that don't have the admincmd.spec.noblacklist can't pickup/drop/use any blacklisted items. (Default : false)
supBlacklist: false
# editSignRightClick	:	When true, when you right click a sign, you'll be able to edit it. If you delete every lines, the sign will be deleted and droped. (Default : true)
editSignRightClick: true
# logSameIP	:	When set to true all players joining from the same IP will be loged in the console and a message is sent to all players with the permission: admincmd.spec.ipbroadcast (Default : true)
logSameIP: true
# nbItemsPerPageInList	:	How many items are displayed per page in banlist/mutelist etc ... (Default : 8)
nbItemsPerPageInList: 8
#importFrom.essentials	:	If set to true AdminCmd will look for Essential datas the next time the server starts, import them if they exist and deactivate this feature. (Default : true)
  essentials: false
#turnPowersOff	:	If set to true all powers(god etc.) are removed from a player when he leaves the game. (Default : false)
turnPowersOff: false
#deathMessage	:	If set to true a death message will be broadcasted if a player dies. (Default : true)
deathMessage: true
#turnCustomDeathMessageOff	:	If set to true only MC default death messages will be displayed. (Default : false)
turnCustomDeathMessageOff: false
#executeCommandsOnNewJoin	:	If set to true, the commands set in the commands.yml section onNewJoin will be executed on the player that join the server for the first time. (Default : false)
executeCommandsOnNewJoin: false
#dataWrapper	:	DON'T TOUCH !
#How the player data, world data are saved. Possible options : mysql,yml. (Default : yml)
dataWrapper: yml
#convertInto	:	By setting this parameter, you tell AdminCmd that it have to convert the data to the new format. Possible format : mysql,yml.
# Mysql need the host,user,database,password to be setIF the DataWrapper is the same as the convertInto NO CONVERSION WILL BE DONE. (Default : yml)
convertInto: yml	:	Host to be set if mysql used. (Default : localhost)
#mysql.user	:	Username to connect to mysql database (Default : root)
#mysql.password	:	Password to connect to mysql database (Default : toor)
#mysql.database	:	Database name (Default : minecraft)
  host: localhost
  user: ac
  password: ac1234
  database: admincmd	:	The worlds' name where a player respawns after death. (Default : world)
#respawn.inNormalWorld	:	If set to false a player will respawn in the same world he died in. (Default : true)
  world: world
  inNormalWorld: true
#addBannerNameInBan	:	Add or not the 'by Player' in the ban reason (Default : true)
addBannerNameInBan: true
#checkForUpdate.status	:	If AdminCmd has to check if there is a new version of the plugin. (Default : true)
#checkForUpdate.updateChannel	:	Which version to check. Can be stable or dev. (Default : stable)
  status: true
  updateChannel: stable

For the Date/Time format and how it has to/can be set up see here.

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