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You can now set immunityLvl (like maxHomePerUser (explained Limits)), an immunityLvl is a level representing the power of the user.

A user with a power of 0 can't do command against a user of a power of 1 or above.
And the user of 150 (the max) can do everything to the lower levels.

Only one exception : admincmd.immunityLvl.samelvl if a user have this node, he can only issue command to user having the same lvl.

Folders & Files


Folder Explanation
/userData/Contain all informations about the players, there home, there last location before and if it's there first connection. Each file have the name of the player.
/locale/Contain the locales files
/scripts/Contain a single file scripts.yml where you can configure your own bash/batch script to be executed by the server (only for experienced admins)
/worldData/Contain all the informations about the worlds, spawn point, warp, time frozen and weather frozen.
/HelpFiles/Contain directory that contain the file to explain each command of the plugin. (Look on /HelpFiles/AdminCmd/ to see what I mean)


File Explanation
Alias.ymlContain every Item alias you create inGame
banned.ymlContain the name of the banned player and the reason of the ban
blacklist.ymlContain blacklisted items
config.ymlConfig file
items.csvContain the default alias of Essentials
kits.ymlContain the kits
commands.ymlContain the command you want to disable, prioritize and your alias for each commands
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