Dynamic Kit


A dynamic kit unlikely the “file” one, is using the inventory of the player to be created. It will of course save it to the kit file to be later loaded. But the creation is done ingame using what you have on yourself.

Types of Kit

There is 2 types of kit, the Armored and the normal one.

Normal kit

It's only taking all your inventory to be created. When a normal kit is used /kit myDynNormKit the player will receive all the content of your inventory when you created the kit.

Armored kit

This one is taking all your inventory + your armor to be created. Meaning, when a player will type /kit myDynArmKit he will have also his armor replaced by the one you had when creating the kit.


/dynkit or /dkit or /ckit or /dk are all the alias to the command.

You have to provide the name of the kit. You can also add the delay for it (default 0 (no delay)) and if it's an armored kit or a normal one.


Type Command
Normal Kit named Test/dk Test
Normal kit named Test with a delay of 5/dk Test 5
Armored kit named armored/dk Armored -a
Armored kit named armored with a delay of 6/dk armored 6 -a


the permission to create kit is : admincmd.item.dynkit


In case you have already created some kit manually and want to replace it, you CAN with the same command. You just have to have the permission node : admincmd.item.dynkit.replace.

It won't delete the old one you've created before, the Dynamic Kits have a higher priority then the manual created one.


For now you CAN'T delete a kit from the game, I prefer to do it like that for now, to be sure only a person that have access to the file can delete a kit, to avoid any possible problem. If I received demand in the future to be able to also delete a kit, I'll do it.

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