SQL Support

Since the 6.5 AdminCmd swapped from Yml to SQLite (by default) as data wrapper and will convert automatically the data (userData/worldData) to the new format.


By seeing the number of data, the report of corruption and the fact that YML has not been made to be a Database but only to keep small amount of data. I decided to pass everything to SQLite.

With that there is less chance of corruption, better I/O.

If I learned before how to use JDBC in java, you can trust me I would never have used YML file for data, it's the worst case scenario that lead for server with more than 20 player active on the server to possible corruption and lack in the data.

Then yes I choose to go to SQL for the sake of performance and reliability.

Go back to yml

If AdminCmd just converted your data, and they weren't modified just modify your config.yml :

dataWrapper: yml
convertInto: yml

Convert To

In every case, you can reconvert to any of the 3 possible dataWrapper : yml,sqlite,mysql


Just put in config.yml

convertInto: yml


Just put in config.yml

convertInto: sqlite


Just put in config.yml

convertInto: mysql

and also configure your MySQL connection in the config.yml

  host: localhost
  user: minecraft
  password: mc1234
  database: minecraft
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