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Since the version 7.1.0, AdminCmd will check automatically the RSS of the Website to notify the admin if there is a new version of the plugin.
You can choose to disable it in the config and also which channel you want to follow (development or stable).

It will only CHECK for a new version , it WON'T DOWNLOAD it


  status: true
  updateChannel: stable
  • status is to activate or disable the check.
  • updateChannel is to choose which version you want to follow (stable or dev)


It will write on the log as a WARNING that there is a new version available like that : There is a new version of AdminCmd on www.admincmd.com : %version


If an user have the permission admincmd.spec.versionbast he will also get the notification by private message.

How it works

There is 2 categories of new on the website now :

  1. Stable Version
  2. Development Version

The plugin will simply get the RSS feed of the wanted channel and check the last news that have been posted. Since I always title all the news with only the version of the plugin, it will be able to parse it and check it with the current version of the plugin.


When does the plugin check the version ?

Stable Channel

Only when the plugin is started.

Development Channel

When the plugin is started and every 48 hours.

Will it makes my server lag ?

No, the check are done asynchronously, meaning it won't make your server lag, it will be run in “parallel” with your server.

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